Bill to Ban Growing of Marijuana in Michigan Fails


The states’ Senate failed to pass a bill which was looking to ban the growing of pot in homes. This has left many of Michigan’s marijuana enthusiasts smiling as they can now grow marijuana at home. This vote was to make a change to the new recreational marijuana Proposal 1.

Proposal 1 made it clear that people can now grow at most 12 plants at home for their personal use. Majority Leader Arian Meekhof proposed the biggest change to the bill claiming he was looking to prevent an overwhelming amount of marijuana coming into neighborhoods. In order for the change to be applied, it was to gain three-quarters super majority vote. By 8.30 p.m. Thursday, it became clear Meekhof did not have the numbers. The bill passed earlier on with a 56-44 percent on November 6th.

Majority leader Meekhof failed to secure the 26 votes of the Republic side and had no chance of convincing the Democrats. He said,” this will make our streets and neighborhoods less safe. I am greatly disappointed.”

The Proposed Changes to the Marijuana Legalization Law

The law strictly restricts home growers from selling their marijuana, although they can willingly give it out. The legal weed will be available commercially in 2020.

Senator Meekhof was looking also to have the tax levy placed on recreational marijuana lowered to 3% rather than 10%. This was to discourage neighborhoods and towns from allowing marijuana businesses into their boundaries as the revenues will be low.

The chance of passing the proposed changes was very narrow and Senator Meekhof knew it. This is because the Proposal having been passed by voters, the Legislature needs a supermajority in both the House of Representatives and Senate.

Meekhof said he was not going to give up on his attempts as he is hoping for some sort of convergence with the House of Representatives.


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