Birmingham Sets Ban on Marijuana Establishments A Week After Ballot


On November 12th the voters of Alabama approved Proposal 1 which allowed the use and sale of recreational marijuana. However, Birmingham city’s commission was not at all interested in allowing the sale of weed within its boundaries. The commission set out to ban all marijuana establishments that sold or planned to sell recreational marijuana.

Joe Valentine who is Birmingham City’s manager said that they had worked on such a regulation for quite some time as they foresaw the Proposal 1 approved. The city had initially opted-out of the law allowing the running of medical marijuana establishments. The change came in 2016. Currently, the city’s commission is working for another change that is needed to opt-out of the new law.

Joe Valentine clarified the city’s move by stating that under the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act if the community wishes to restrict the use of marijuana facilities they can do so only under the law. He continued to state that Birmingham’s move is rightly under that law.

Birmingham Is Not the Only Community

Communities across Michigan have also taken the same path with Birmingham to ban the sale of recreational marijuana. These include; Monroe, Niles and Cedar Springs just to name a few among the list. Public universities in Michigan which receive federal funding have clearly stated that they will not under any circumstance allow any marijuana on school grounds.

But what does this mean to the voters of Birmingham who went to the ballots and approved Proposal 1? Well, residents will still be allowed to ingest and grow marijuana at their homes but only for personal use which is very legal under state law. Joe Valentine commended this move saying that it makes things much easy especially if the city ever decides to change again all they have to do is opt back in.


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