Business as Usual For New Jersey’s Black Market


Marijuana dealers who ake a livelihood off the black market are still in business despite the law being against their businesses. One of the reasons is because the black market dealers have a wide supply of cannabis which has been imported illegally from Washington  D.C and California. These dealers have years of experience and loyal customers, unlike the now legal cannabis dispensaries. They also sell their weed tax-free which is a plus to the consumer because their prices are lower.

New Jersey’s marijuana black market is booming and has underground “pop-up” trade shows where dealers and users sample out some of the new products. They also get to purchase weed worth hundreds of dollars. The menu ranges from chocolate bars, marshmallow treats, homemade rice, and the most common edible cookies.

New Jersey Black Market

Their prices differ depending on the strain and type of product. For example, vape cartridges go or around $40 and pot brownies for $10. The underground trade show is an equal match to the boat show or beer festival.

“People insist on legalization until they get here and have a look at the thriving black market,” said David who is a marijuana dealer from South Jersey. “Clients realize that the black market offers better products at a more affordable price than the dispensaries. All they have to do is get this experience and take a look at what is happening when the law is placed on the people’s hands,” David continued.

The reason why the New Jersey marijuana black market is thriving is because of:


“It will be difficult for the state to compete with the black market when all they want to do is create an income base,” said Police Chief John Zebrowski.


“The state does not have a clue what they are doing so it will be business as usual for me as I already have what people want,” said D.C a New Jersey dealer.


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