Business of Marijuana videos

the state of Colorado made 2.7 billion dollars  in 2014 and project 11 billion in 2019.

“Inside America’s Billion-Dollar Weed Business: The Grass is Greener” June 29, 2015 by Vice News.

In this video, they emphasize:

  1. The growing market of the marijuana industry
  2. How the community comes together
  3. The difficulties of laws and regulations created to deter patients and profits overall

A great learning resource for those seeking entry to the industry.

walks of life in Colorado and how cannabis contributes to society.

“How People Make It In the Legal Weed Business” June 30th, 2018. By All 4.This video is about all

This video is about people who are making it in the legal weed business.

  1. How marijuana patients and recreational users are affected by marijuana laws.
  2. Interviews from parents, editors, security, dispensaries, growers
  3. Risk and security
  4. Not a subculture but an industry
  5. Medicinal use of THC and CBD and its risks and benefits
  6. How lives have changed for the better

Mrs. Green explains her experience trying to make it in the industry and her (biggest) mistakes.

“How to get into the Cannabis Industry: 6 BIG MISTAKES to Avoid” July 23,2018. By 6 Figure side hustle with Charlo Greene.

A wise man once said, to be old and wise, you must be young and stupid. Learn from Charlo Greene’s mistakes and avoid the hassle in this clip that covers:

  1. Thinking they have to grow or sell green to make money in the industry
  2. Thinking they have to start their new career from scratch
  3. Trusting amateurs posing as experts
  4. Being inflexible
  5. Not designing a lifestyle around this opportunity.
  6. Thinking they need a bunch of money to get started