Cannabis and Coronavirus, What to Know


As the world struggles to contain the Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, cannabis continues to thrive. Some cities have even deemed dispensaries as “essential work,” leaving them open during this outbreak. Although business is booming, there are still ways to prevent the virus from spreading.

Accessibility to Cannabis 

Marijuana Dispensary
Marijuana Dispensary

Unfortunately, this virus isn’t slowing down anytime soon. People are starting to stock up essential supplies, and for some, that includes cannabis. Fortunately for us, certain cities have allowed dispensaries to continue their operations, declaring them as “essential businesses.”

Additionally, many delivery services will remain open during this time and are also doing very well for themselves. These services have begun practicing safer approaches to delivery, including leaving the product on the doorstep and confirm the pick-up from a distance.

For certain areas, such as California, they must follow stricter guidelines to reduce the spread of disease. Dispensaries are only allowed to serve less than 10 people to a room and are required to clean constantly. Even with the threat of catching a virus, people are still lining up to stock up on their cannabis. As a result of all of this, the business has been booming for the cannabis industry.

Research and Data

Since the Coronavirus has begun to affect everyone’s day to day life, people have been studying and analyzing what we have done as a society. One group, Headset, studies cannabis data intelligence and has studied the effects of the cannabis industry during the virus outbreak.

“Through our previous analysis, we have shown that last weekend (Friday 3/13/2020 through Sunday 3/15/2020) recreational cannabis sales greatly increased in comparison to the previous four weekends – likely due consumers wanting to ‘stock up’ before a period of social distancing / self-quarantine,” says the most recent update from the analysis.

Another interesting discovery made by Headset is the fact that females are buying more cannabis than males. According to their research, females experienced a 31 percent increase in cannabis sales during this time. Comparatively, males have only experienced a 15.6 percent increase. That’s nearly half the amount of an increase as compared to females.

Finally, another interesting data point found by this group is the difference consumption compared by generation. Every generation has contributed to this cannabis boom, except for baby boomers. They have actually declined in cannabis sales. Every other generation is preparing for the worst.


Prevent the Spread

Although dispensaries are open, that doesn’t mean it’s time to start inviting people over for smoke sessions at your house. The threat of spreading the virus is still very serious, and there are certain things you can do to prevent the spread any further.

First, if you are going to visit the dispensary, wash your hands before and after your visit. Practice “social distancing” to avoid any direct contact with people. Follow any special procedures the dispensary is going by.

Second, if you are getting your cannabis delivered, avoid any direct contact with the delivery driver. If you are in an area that is being affected by this in a greater sense, dispose of the bag it came in and sanitize any packaging you received. If anything, request the driver leaves the package at your front step to avoid all contact.

Finally, once you have your cannabis, don’t share it with anyone, especially via joints or blunts. The virus can easily spread by sharing these items. For bong users, avoid sharing during this time.


Final Thoughts

This pandemic isn’t going to be ending anytime soon. As a response, people have been buying more cannabis than usual. This has caused some dispensaries to remain open, as well as delivery services. For now, this is a great opportunity for the cannabis industry. Unfortunately, we have no clue as to when this situation will improve.

It’s understandable people want to stock up on their cannabis to avoid potential the potential disaster of running dry while on lockdown, but we also have to conscious about our actions. No matter how you get your cannabis, please continue with caution and do your best to limit the spread of germs.


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