Cannabis Health Club helps to Normalize Marijuana use among Women of Color


Cannabis is currently being used more than ever before, especially when it comes to treatment for various ailments. Despite this, many women have not had any place where they can openly talk about using marijuana to help with physical and mental ailments. 

The reason behind the club

This is the main purpose behind the creation of the Chronic Sad Girls Club. This club is a place for women, and women of color specifically, to have a place to be open about using cannabis for their health.

Laura Armenta, the founder of the club, hated the fact that she had to hide the fact that she used marijuana. She started using it to try to cut down on the 15 medications that she had to take for her various illnesses. But it took her a long time to find the right treatment plan to help forgo the medications. 

“It took me years to figure out what to take, what to medicate with, and when to do it in order to drop certain medications,”

And it worked. With the assurance of her doctor, she was able to cut her prescriptions down to just 3. This has helped her a ton when it comes to the multitude of side effects that come from taking various medications. 

Reducing the stigma

Clubs like this are vital to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, as well as the stigma surrounding cannabis use. Laura’s main goal is to reduce the amount of negativity when someone talks to family or friends about taking marijuana. Including why they want to take it as opposed to conventional medications. 

As time goes on, it will be great to see more people become accepting of alternative treatments. Especially if they are having beneficial effects on those who take them.


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