Cannabis Infused Products Hit the Market

Cannabis Infused Products Hit the Market

 Cannabis Infused Products Hit the Market

Oreo maker, Mondelez eyes the possibility of incorporating CBD-infused snacks to its list of products.

With some of their most known and popular products coming in an array of selections. This includes products like Cadbury chocolate and Nilla Wafers.

The CEO Dirk Van de Put said that ‘we are ready to incorporate CBD-infused snacks into our product line.’ However, they still must comply with the regulations put in place.

CBD and What Food Has To Do With It

So, what exactly is CBD? CBD is a cannabis strain that delivers clear-headed and practical effects without the euphoric high associated with THC strains.

For those people waiting for the release of CBD-infused Oreos, you may be disappointed due to many factors. Adding cannabis to the company’s family brands like Oreo, pose a significant problem.

The company is, however, considering adding other products to the lineup, as well as creating new products.

The Market For CBD-Infused Products

A lot of companies are selling CBD-infused foods and drinks with other corporations such as Charlotte’s Web, creating ingestible oil for dogs in 2016.

Companies like Coca Cola and Mondelez, are waiting for the final say, while health officials weigh in on regulations needed in the marijuana industry.

Fortunately, President Trump recently legalized a lot of products with CBD when he signed the farm bill into law.

The Food and Drug Administration (who prohibits adding the cannabis compound to foods and drinks) hold a significant say. One of the retailed (Walgreens) has started selling a limited number of products containing the CBD compound. Products such as lotions and creams.

Cannabis-infused foods are one of the top trends of 2019 by top chefs, giving much hope that the FDA will shed some light on the regulations governing non-food products.

In conclusion, CBD seems to be gaining a buzz due to the health benefits such as managing anxiety and pain relief.

Thus, companies like Mondelez, seeking entry into the industry, are also looking into CBD health claims because of the lack of scientific research to prove the benefits.




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