Cannabis Cafes Open Up Around the World


Two separate cannabis cafes open up in two different cities within weeks of each other. Each of these cannabis cafes will allow customers to use medical marijuana while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. These new-style cafes have begun operating in Beersheba, Israel, and Los Angeles, CA.

Beersheba, Israel

The first cafe, which opened early this month, is located in Beersheba, Israel, and will offer a designated smoking section for medical marijuana users. They will not be selling any cannabis on location, but they will be offering pipes and bongs to use.

This cafe is “trying to fight for designated areas that would be accessible for [medical] marijuana users, hoping that it will get to every cafe,” According to Amit Moreno, one of the shop owners. The cafe will also be hosting educational events that will teach the public about the benefits medical cannabis can have.

Los Angeles, CA

The other cafe, opening Oct. 1, will offer a little more amenities to their customers. Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe is set to be the countries first-ever cannabis café, and people can expect reservations to fill quickly. This cafe not only allows the use of medical marijuana on location but will also sell it with the help of “budtenders.”

These budtenders, acting as “flower sommeliers,” are experts who know which food and drinks will pair best with which strains. Once you’ve figured out what you would like to drink, eat and smoke, the budtender will prepare everything for you. They can roll joints for customers, or provide them with dab rigs or bongs. The company claims this environment will create a “farm-to-table restaurant highlighting cuisine and cannabis.” The food itself won’t contain any cannabis product. 

New Rules

A few rules have been set for this first-ever cafe. First of all, the cafe will not allow anyone under the age of 21 inside. Second, the last call is around 9:50 pm, but customers can order ahead and smoke until close, which is 2 am. Another rule is all cannabis used on location must be bought from the cafe with cash only. Everything else can be bought with a credit/ debit card. Finally, this cafe will also have a dispensary inside that you can buy cannabis products from and take home.

Cannabis cafes were almost inevitable when recreational marijuana became legalized, it was only a matter of time. Lucky for us, that time has finally come. Isreal and California have beat the competition and started the first cannabis cafes. You can expect a lot more of these cannabis cafes to open up across the world. Both cafes are already taking reservations, but they are filling fast.



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