First-Ever “Dairy Dispensary” to Open in Los Angeles


The Los Angeles area is slowly becoming the source of experimentation for cannabis business. Last year, the city opened up a new cannabis cafe, where customers can enjoy a cup of tea with a blunt. In the near future, Mike Tyson plans on opening his cannabis ranch, featuring the world’s longest lazy river. There are even cannabis drive-thrus coming to Southern California. Now, Los Angeles is preparing to open the world’s first dairy dispensary.


Be careful though, this isn’t the kind of dispensary you normally go to. There won’t be any THC or CBD in these dairy products. Instead, the storefront will be inspired by dispensaries and will focus on promoting natural mood-enhancing dairy products. Real California Milk describes the experience as “all the TLC without the THC.”

This isn’t to say the dairy company isn’t trying to restructure the dairy/ dispensary model. On Feb. 22, the company will host a pop-up event in Venice to introduce some of its new products. Some of these products include micro-dosed butter, flavor-infused yogurts, and rolled ice cream.

Customers who need help finding the right product will be able to speak with seasoned “dairy docents.” These experts can help any customer find exactly what they are looking for, just like a dispensary.

“California based dairy foods, or CBD for short, not only taste delicious but are a natural way to enter a golden state of feeling everything from bliss to excitement,” says John Talbot, CEO of California Milk Advisory Board. “A dispensary-inspired setting offers consumers an unexpected way to experience their favorite foods made with real milk produced on family dairy farms using the nation’s most sustainable farming practices.”

Expected Problems

In theory, this seems like a great idea, but many problems are likely to arise. The first problem that will likely arise is the false impressions made from the poorly-worded advertisements. As a result, this event will have to deal with misguided customers who believe there is THC in these products. Although it’s understandable where Real California Milk is coming from with this inspiration, the stunt could be worded better.

On the other hand, if this is successful then other industries will attempt to recreate this as well. Before you know it you will start to see “coffee dispensaries” and “art dispensaries.” The model could work for some industries, but not all of them.

Blurred lines amongst industries are another potential problem. Industries that don’t have any THC within their products yet advertise as they do could lead to parents not knowing which is which. A dairy dispensary doesn’t sound so bad once you explain it, but soon enough kids will figure out how to use that to their advantage. It won’t be long before you hear about a kid going to a dairy dispensary when in reality they are trying to go to a regular one.


Real California Milk is trying to do something no other industry has done by using cannabis dispensaries as a business model. In theory, it sounds like an amazing idea with true potential. If anyone has ever been interested in buying dairy in a high-class manner, this is right up their alley. On the other hand, there are some serious potential consequences for this event.

If you are interested in experiencing the first-ever dairy dispensary, be sure to check out the pop-up event happening Feb. 22. The event is scheduled from noon to 6 pm at 1108 Abbott Kinney Boulevard. If interested, it’s recommended to sign up for a free spot on their Eventbrite page before space fills up.



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