Florida Lawmakers Cautious About Medical Marijuana


Policy makers in Florida have readily admitted to taking a cautious approach when it comes to matters of marijuana. They continued to say they would remain cautious even after voters overwhelmingly approved the legalization of medical marijuana. The new governor and his administration no longer have reservations about the concept of pot as a cure.

A legislative session is set to begin on March 5th. The legislature is mostly Republican-dominated and is on target to make one major expansion to Florida’s marijuana laws. Governor Ron DeSantis received a response to the ultimatum he had given lawmakers, as they are almost certain to revoke the ban on smoking medical marijuana. If lawmakers do not take action by March 15th, Governor Ron DeSantis has threatened to drop the state’s appeal of the court ruling that lets the ban run as stated by the 2016 constitutional amendment.

Two Differences On The Chamber Floor

House and Senate leaders are drawing closer to a consensus but still have two differences:

  • The House’s proposal is set to allow dispensaries to sell pre-rolled joints; however, smoking is prohibited for underage patients.
  • The Senate’s measure, on the other hand, would need marijuana operators to sell at least one strain of pre-rolled joints and would call them to make sales of other whole-flower products. It would also allow patients to purchase smoking apparatus at retail outlets.

The difference between these two measures is that the Senate’s proposal would allow minors to smoke medical marijuana if a second opinion is attained from a certified pediatrician. The two measures are headed to the floor for votes after the legislature resumes March 5th.

Governor DeSantis spoke to reporters and had this to say, ”we talked about some ambitious strokes with a couple of people and I am willing to put my signature on the document that I have faith is implementing the will of the voters.”



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