Group Plans to Fight Michigan’s Legalized Marijuana


A group in Michigan has vowed to keep the fight going against Proposal 1 which was passed a few days ago by Michigan voters. The approval of Proposal 1 means the use of recreational marijuana is no longer illegal and no criminal actions will be taken. The group, however, urges the local governments to place a ban on marijuana businesses.

The group in question is Healthy and Productive Michigan. They placed an argument that legalization of marijuana has consequences and bring Michiganders problems. In a news conference in Lansing and Detroit, they made clear their intentions to fight the approved Proposal 1.

Some of the consequences they were talking about include rising insurance costs as an effect of marijuana driving fatalities and injuries in the workplace. Another result of this legalization is that it will be difficult to find drug-free labor. Lastly, there is destined to be a rise in homelessness and crime and exposure of the drug to kids.

 How It Went Down Across the Ballots

On Tuesday, voters from Missouri and Utah legalized the use of marijuana for medical use. Voters from Nebraska and North Dakota disapproved the legalization of marijuana. Iowa and Michigan both legalized the adult use of recreational marijuana within their borders.

The Healthy and Productive Michigan group vowed on Wednesday to continue their efforts to challenge the legislation. Under the new state law persons of 21 years and above are allowed to be in possession of up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and up to 10 ounces, which translates to 12 plants, at home for personal use. Landlords and property owners, however, still own the rights to prohibit the cultivation of plants and smoking of marijuana on their property.

Scott Greenlee, president of Healthy and Productive Michigan said, “People of Michigan have spoken and have chosen to legalize marijuana for recreational use. A decision that we think was extremely reckless and misguided and more than likely misinformed.”


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