Hawaii’s Visiting Patient Program


Hawaii’s Department of Health early this week announced the 10-minute, online process which permits medical marijuana users who are coming out-of-state to be able to access medical marijuana in the island. This means that if you are a patient who qualifies for medical marijuana in the U.S. all you need to do is apply for a temporary medical marijuana card by filling up the online application before your trip.

This e-card will be useful once you arrive in Hawaii and as a patient, you will be permitted to purchase cannabis from all licensed dispensaries over a 60 day period. Citizens of the 32 U.S states that have already legalized medical marijuana are qualified to apply for a temporary medical marijuana card in Hawaii.

Conditions for Application

This all sounds fun and convenient, however, patients can only apply twice every year. When the Hawaii Educational Association for Therapeutic Healthcare was pressed about the issue, Pedro Haro, the executive director said,” Hawaii’s Visiting Patient Program is an incredible milestone that is aimed at providing qualified patients with safe access to world-class licensed medical marijuana despite the state they come from.”

The visiting patients will no longer need to be anxious or worried about whether or not they will be able to legally purchase their medication in Hawaii. Morgan Fox, who is the media relations director for the National Cannabis Association was quoted saying,” This is vital for patients and a great benefit for the suppliers. Lacking access to their medication limits he places patients can visit and there is no good reason why they should not lead normal lives.”

Morgan Fox also commented on the economic advantage for the dispensaries that patients will visit while in Hawaii. Hawaii being a well-known tourist destination will now have the unique ability to accommodate patients who use medical marijuana from other states where they also use medical marijuana.


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