Illegal Marijuana Sellers in Trouble in California


California law enforcement is planning to intensify its efforts in rooting out the thriving illegal marijuana market. Law enforcement will use steps that involve launching an ad campaign urging residents and consumers to seek out licensed shops and trusted products.

Currently, the California state government has been under pressure by the legal cannabis industry. The demand stems from efforts to step up their fight against the illegal marijuana economy in cities like Los Angeles, who operate in plain sight.

The state’s top marijuana regulator, Lori Ajax, says” we are going to begin having a more aggressive stance going after the illegal marijuana market.” The state conveyed it was starting a public campaign which aims to encourage consumers to validate that their marijuana purchases are legal and the product tested.

California Ad Campaign

The campaigns argument was simple and straight to the point. Statements were made, such as “you are not sure of what you are buying when purchasing illegal products.” Lori Ajax stated,”. The campaign is set to impact consumer safety directly. Thus making it clear that only marijuana purchased from legally licensed retailers has met the state’s set safety standards.”

The need for stricter enforcement has been talked of in past forums, organized by the U.C.B. (United Cannabis Business Association). Tom Lackey, a state assemblyman, called the current situation the ” greatest failure in the system. The regulations were a mere suggestion without an enforcement arm”. He continued to state that the local governments are failing when it comes to working together.

The broad legal sales kicked off in California on January 1st, 2018. However, the illegal market has continued booming. Industry officials have highlighted ongoing struggles for the nations largest marijuana market and many regulatory hurdles. These hurdles have discouraged operators from venturing into the legal market and creating a challenge of securing a California brand in its developing market.



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