Marijuana Sales to Start on Tuesday on Massachusetts


Starting Tuesday, marijuana stores in Massachusetts begin the sale of recreational marijuana. This makes them the first recreational marijuana shops in the east of the United States. The Northampton store and Leicester store are going to open on Tuesday morning. They are both not too far from the Connecticut border. They were given the authorization to start operations in three calendar days.

The announcement was welcomed with open arms as the long wait came to an end after the state’s voters legalized the use of recreational marijuana by adults of 21 years of age. It took two years for state regulators to get to the point where they could allow stores to finally open.

There is one restriction though, the stores are required to hold off for three days before commencing operations. This is so that they can coordinate with local enforcement and officials. This is because a large crowd is expected and based on what happened in Canada there needs to be some order.

The Northampton and Leicester Store

New England Treatment Access is the one carrying out operations of the Northampton store. The Leicester store is under Cultivate Holdings and is set to open their doors at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

The chairman of the Cannabis council in a statement stated that the opening of the two stores marks a massive milestone for all those who took to the ballot and voted for the legalization of recreational use of marijuana. He went on to state that the licensees were grilled through multiple checks, background checks, inspections, and the products that are to be sold were inspected. All this was to make public health and safety a priority as the industry takes its first steps.

This sale was greatly cheered by legal marijuana advocates who had been complaining about how long it took for the regulatory approvals.


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