Massachusetts to Begin the Sale of Recreational Marijuana


The sales of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts is about to begin soon with the opening of the first commercial cannabis shop on Tuesday. It is nowhere near being a grand opening especially with only two stores opening in Leicester and Northampton. The commercial marijuana industry is looking to expand its geographic base with the acceptance by the public.

Back in 2016, Massachusetts legalized recreational marijuana but the great strides they are making right now have taken two long years. Here are some things to know about the first sales:

The First Sales

The first shop to open will be in Northampton. The next one will be in Leicester, a town in central Massachusetts. The two stores originally operated as medical dispensaries and were the first to be cleared by Cannabis Regulators to start selling recreational marijuana but to adults 21 and above.

The first symbolic customers include Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz and Stephen Mandile, an Iraq war veteran turned medical marijuana advocate who will purchase the first recreational marijuana at Cultivate in Leicester.

What should shoppers bring?

Marijuana customers will be required to provide a government-issued identification to step foot within the two stores. Looks will not be considered. Driver licenses and passports will be accepted.

Federal prohibition has rendered most banks and credit card processors unable to service the marijuana business. During the initial sales, customers are advised to carry cash to avoid any inconveniences. But the store in Northampton claims it will accept some four-digit debit and credit cards. For the Leicester store, they said that for the first hours of sales they will only accept cash but later on Tuesday debit will be available. The two stores hope for a successful opening and smooth running of business on Tuesday.


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