Michigan Communities Block Recreational Marijuana Businesses


The said number of communities that have moved to ban the use of recreational marijuana in retail stores and other related businesses add up to 80 communities. This comes in response from the local governments ever since voters decided to legalize marijuana in Michigan. These communities have chosen to place year-long bans on marijuana businesses as they wait for new rules and regulations to be imposed on the new industry.

Communities have been forced to react quickly about the legalization of recreational marijuana as the rules are different from those of the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act. Jamie Lowell who is a board member of MILegalize and an author of the recreational marijuana law was quoted, “All these communities who have moved to ban recreational marijuana have enough time to change their decisions. I have a feeling that most of these places will come back on board and get with the program.”

Recreational Marijuana Bans

With recreational marijuana, the process of accepting or opting out of the decision is slightly different from medical marijuana. There is no need for a community to pass an ordinance to opt-in. but also it does not mean that the shops can just open anywhere.

David Harns, who is the spokesman for the state Bureau of Marijuana Regulation said,” we will ensure that we check if there is an ordinance banning recreational marijuana, if it is not there, we will issue it.”

The Bureau may decide to add a local regulatory and zoning ordinance with the state also being able to issue an all-important state license.

The residents can collect signatures and challenge their government’s decision on recreational marijuana. For those local governments who decide to allow recreational marijuana businesses will receive a part of the tax revenue raised in sales.Since the passage of Proposal 1 a 3% tax on medical cannabis products has been lifted.


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