Michigan Companies Which Will Be Gifting Marijuana


Michigan voters moved to legalize the adult use of recreational marijuana but are yet to see any stores open up. But the market has been able to respond to the demand gap although it requires a bit of nudging and winking.

Under the new law, it is well within the law for adults aged 21 and above to gift each other marijuana. The law states, “transferring without remuneration up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis except that exceeding 15 grams may be in the form of marijuana concentrate, to people aged 21 or older, as long as transfers are not advertised.”

Where Does It Come From?

It is assumed that the one giving the gifts have cultivated their own marijuana under the medical cannabis law or have medical marijuana cards. But if you have no one with such what do you do? Here is where the entrepreneurs come in. Businesses have begun giving a “free gift” after the purchase of another good.

An example of one of these businesses is On High Road LLC which offers a free gift once you purchase the “Munch Bag” which comes with a package with some of the “High Art”. There is a Red Wing Hot Box, which is accompanied by fries, artwork, water, and a pre-rolled cone for joint rolling.

The company website said, “all we do is gift premium experiences with the purchase of our personalized bags and boxes. Some of the sales revenue will go into the fight for the criminal justice reform and into mending the racial discrimination within the war on drugs.”

Most experts claim that these kind of businesses are operating in a legal grey area. But they believe that once Michigan begins to roll out some of its recreational marijuana stores these businesses will vanish. They may believe that the chance to become the first in the new market is worth the risk.


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