New Hampshire Lawmakers Believe Marijuana Could Still Be Legalized


The marijuana debate is growing and evolving as more states are joining the list of those who are willing to legalize marijuana. New Hampshire is the latest of the states to join the list of the new year cannabis predictions. The Democratic speaker of the state House of Representatives, Steve Shurtleff said: “we now have enough support to overrule the prohibition of marijuana legalization by Governor Chris Sununu.”

He continued to say that,” it will pass, we will be burying our head in the sand if we think we can continue to term it as illegal in New Hampshire and expect that citizens will not use it.” Earlier in the month Governor Sununu indicated that he would in no way accept any marijuana legalization bill no matter what language was used in the bill.

Optimistic Lawmakers

However, Shurtleff is very optimistic about the ending of marijuana prohibition. He, however, said,” if we were to vote today, I would vote no because we lack a legislative commission that is looking at the impact of marijuana legalization on the state.” He continued, “I would at least wait for the commission to finish the work and make a report.”

The report which was issued in November stated that legalization would generate up to $58 million annually in tax revenue. New Hampshire earlier this year had moved to legalize marijuana by allowing home cultivation and possession of small amounts of cannabis. Shurtleff had voted against that bill earlier but is now moving to legalize it.

This evolution reflects that there is an encouraging new trend among the Democrats in New Hampshire. In an interview, Matt Simon. The New England political director of the Marijuana Policy Project said,” While many Republicans including Governor Sununu are still firm on their stance of prohibition there are many like Shurtleff and most of the Democrats who see regulation of cannabis is both a smart politics and good politics.”


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