Oregon Might Begin Exporting Marijuana to Other States


Making a move to join Oregon’s list of famous exports, marijuana is looking to take the next step in joining craft beer and pinot noir. The Craft Cannabis Alliance led by its executive director and founder Adam Smith said that he was working together with legislators to let Oregon export marijuana to other states that have legalized marijuana by 2021.

There are also plans to introduce again the provisions from the Senate Bill 1042 which died back in the statehouse in 2017. This has come as the legal marijuana industry in the state is facing dropping of prices due to demand not matching up with supply.

What Does This Mean for Oregon?

This proposal reflects how lawmakers are planning to move marijuana into the illegal path of interstate trade. Oregon on voting to legalize recreational use of marijuana, the bill demanded that weed cultivated and sold within the state should stay within its borders as marijuana remains illegal to the federal government.

Opponents are, however, not yet convinced that Oregon will find any takers for this. President of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, Kevin Sabet said,” I can’t begin to imagine any of the states will agree to import any marijuana from Oregon. It sounds like a desperate attempt to control the overwhelming black-market production that has dominated Oregon since its legalization.” He continued to state that the state should shift its focus to more meaningful tasks like reducing the overall demand and supply.

Oregon legalized recreational marijuana back in 2014 but the program lagged behind up to the beginning of 2016 when the Oregon Liquor Control Commission began to issue licenses to many of the existing growers. This was months before marijuana retail shops opened for business.

The excess marijuana has seen the increase in support for exportation from local media and lawmakers.


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