Cannabis Legalization Ads Face-Off in South Dakota


Both sides of the cannabis legalization debate have released ads to convey voters just days before the election. Governor Kristi Noem (R) released a video earlier this week urging not to legalize cannabis. On the other hand, South Dakotans For Better Marijuana Laws released ads supporting the initiative.

Anti-Legalization Ad

No Way On Amendment A committee helped Noem release the video in October. Together, they urge voters to say “no” to the cannabis legalization initiative on the November ballot.

“The fact is, I’ve never met someone who got smarter from smoking pot,” the governor said. “It’s not good for our kids. And it’s not going to improve our communities,”

Noem has never been a fan of cannabis legalization. She is against every aspect of cannabis legalization, including the medical marijuana legalization measure. Last year, she vetoed a hemp legalization bill. After a series of policy requests, she approved legislation that legalized the crop and CBD oil. Other than that, Noem disapproves of the drug.

“As your governor, I’m urging all South Dakotans to vote no on legalizing marijuana this November,” Noem concludes the video.


Pro-Legalization Ad

Coincidentally, South Dakotans For Better Marijuana Laws released their ad on the same day. Unlike the previous ad, these advocates are in favor of the cannabis legalization initiative. The video features a retired Sioux Falls police officers who endorses both cannabis initiatives.

“In 2018, 4,000 people were arrested for marijuana possession in South Dakota. That’s one in 10 arrests,” the officer said in the video, referencing a report from earlier this year. “Each arrest costs $4,000. It doesn’t make us any safer. We’re wasting law enforcement time and resources that should be fighting serious crimes. So I’m voting ‘yes’ on A and 26.”

Via South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws.

It’s clear Cannaplayground is supporting the latter ad and encourages voters to vote for cannabis legalization. Not only does it bring additional revenue from taxes, but more benefits usually follow. For example, many states have begun to expunge previous cannabis-related convictions.

Nonetheless, if you are voting, you should watch both sides of the debate and decide for yourself. If you live in the United States, it doesn’t matter which way you lean on this issue. What matters is that you go out and make your voice heard by voting.


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