The Challenge Faced by Michigan Home Growers


Part of the proposal that was approved on Tuesday by Michigan voters gave citizens clearance to grow marijuana in their residents without fear of criminal prosecution. Acquiring the materials, however, may prove to be more of a challenge than they initially thought.

The recreational marijuana markets will take some time to get up and running and this will push statesmen to get seeds or clones from those who were already growing weed for medical use. The only limitation is that these items can only be given away freely and not sold. The internet is a great place to start looking for seeds, but this will leave home growers at risk of breaking federal law and may face serious consequences.

The Board of Canvassers certified the election results making weed legal for recreational use. However, the seeds and cuttings will not be available for commercial sale until the states Department of Licensing and Regulation comes up with clear cut rules of governing the marijuana market. That pushes the dates up to 2020.

But what is the number of plants home growers are allowed to plant? Well, according to the ballot proposal adults of at least ages 21 and above can grow 12 plants for their personal use and none for commercial sales.

 Online Purchases of Marijuana Seeds

Seeds and cuttings are readily available online but transporting them across state lines is a criminal offense in the eyes of the federal government. The federal government is still holding its stance on classifying marijuana as an illegal substance.

A Royal Oak attorney, Barton Morris stated that there is no way that shipping marijuana across state lines can be legal. He is a specialist lawyer in Cannabis Law.  Those who grew marijuana for medical use under the 2008 Michigan law can freely give away seeds, clones, and marijuana and not receive any payment for the exchange.


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