The First Recreational Marijuana Shops in Massachusetts


The state of Massachusetts is about to see the doors of their very first recreational marijuana shops open. Cultivate Holdings in Leicester was initially a medical marijuana dispensary, but with the change in the law after a state-wide vote, the dispensary is one of the two medical dispensaries authorized to start the sale of recreational marijuana. The other medical dispensary with this license is the New England Treatment Access in Northampton.

This move has encouraged other cannabis testing laboratories to apply for their licenses to sell recreational marijuana. The states’ Cannabis Control Commission issued a “commence full operations” order to the Leicester and Northampton dispensaries.

Cultivate Holdings Edge

Located on Route 9 Worcester County suburb, the dispensary cultivates, grows, processes and sells all the product out of one facility. Their expansive medical marijuana includes 12 breeds of marijuana flower; several different vape-pen cartridges; already rolled blunts and edibles ranging from cookies to macaroons. Their itinerary does not end there as they also sell THC lotions and balm, the owners claim they are days away from rolling-out cannabis-infused beverages.

After approval Cultivate Holdings Edge will be the first licensed business. However, this doesn’t mean that they will immediately begin the sale of recreational marijuana. A few more things must be accomplished before the dispensaries are issued with the final approval license. This includes employees’ fingerprints scanned for background checks.

The Cannabis Commission also needs to license at least one independent laboratory. This is because the commission’s regulations require that the marijuana products be tested before being put up for sale. Up until now, no lab has submitted a full application with only one beginning the process. This has led to delays in sales of recreational marijuana in the Massachusetts new shops.

The two shops are hoping that everything will be ironed out before opening day is here.


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