The Dangers of Second Hand Marijuana Smoke

The Dangers of Second Hand Marijuana Smoke

The Dangers of Second Hand Marijuana Smoke

Many years ago when people were using Tobacco a lot, big Tobacco companies pushed their users on the idea of common courtesy. The tobacco companies believed this to be important when it came to protecting non-smokers from the dangers of passive smoking.

Yet recently, the number of marijuana smokers has increased as the number of Tobacco smokers reduces in the country. They are thus making marijuana grow widespread in use, with users smoking in public locations, bringing back second-hand smoke. The problem now is that non-smokers are never asked if the second-hand smoke bothers them.

Americans for Non-smokers Rights

Americans for Non-smokers’ Rights believe that adults deserve the right to choose whether or not to use marijuana. Also, they believe that non-smokers should have an opinion on the location of cannabis use.

Moreover, many feel that cannabis should not be in areas that would affect the wellbeing and health of other people.

Most of the talk on legalizing marijuana has focused on its medical and recreational uses. There hasn’t been much discussion on the effects it has on non-smokers. In addition, there are those that say legalizing marijuana doesn’t mean that widespread public smoking will be the norm once again.

Recent research found that half of Americans aren’t pleased with the smell of marijuana and find it offensive. Here are some statistics regarding the matter:

  1. 84% of Americans were in favor of legalizing cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes
  2. 60% of Americans supported the legalization of weed for tax and sales purposes
  3. 27% of the non-consumers consider it a significant problem
  4. 29% of Americans find the smell of weed a minor issue

Studies have also shown that second-hand smoke is similar to that of tobacco. This is one of the examples of why work environments and public places should not allow smoking of marijuana.

However, more research in the area needs to be completed; with many saying second-hand marijuana smoke has the same cancer-causing substance as the ones found in second-hand tobacco smoke.


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