Weed Sellers in Canada and USA States Target Women


In previous years, marijuana sold in dispensaries had a constant market made up of young guys. They all appreciated the feeling of being high. But since legalization of recreational use of marijuana in some states and Canada, vendors have begun to insist in the power of each of their products relying mostly on the well-known stoner culture. Some businesses have resulted in using images of poorly dressed ladies with clouds of smoke in their advertisements.

Nine states have legalized adult use of marijuana including California. Marijuana businesses are looking to change the demographic from just stoner bros. Women have become the fastest growing customer section, from mothers looking for vape pens or yoga enthusiasts looking for weed pain-relievers.

Women and Marijuana

It goes without saying that what women are really interested in are wellness and beauty products infused with CBD. CBD is an ingredient in marijuana that leaves out the high but still holds the wide variety of benefits. But there are those who seek the high and they tend to go for the vape pens and edibles which give you control over your dosage.

Linda Gilbert, who is the managing director of consumer insights at BDS said, “It is not a matter of getting high or stinking of weed, but rather taking the edge off the pain and anxiety.”

One of the Miss Grass founders, Kate Miller, realized that the marijuana business was losing ground with women. As a student in University of Southern California, Kate worked at a weed dispensary back when it was legal only for medical consumption, but the regulations were relaxed enough to make it easy to acquire a medical card. “It was all young guys coming in. That really did not match up with how my friends and I were.”

Experts believe if the marijuana market set its eyes to women every stakeholder will get to enjoy a piece of this lucrative market.


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