West Wendover Votes to Approve Recreational Marijuana


Colorado State has seen its tourism grow and so has Mesquite. The West Wendover Mayor, Daniel Corona, is not about to let this opportunity pass his state. The mayor pushed for the legalization of recreational marijuana in an attempt to increase tourism and benefit the community economically.

On a normal day West Wendover has about 5,000 residents but on weekends the number rises to about 20,000. This is because the visitors come to gamble and visit the discount liquor store. Mayor Corona sees ‘pot tourism’ as another major opportunity that promises to increase tourism. There is one restriction though. The visitors will not be able to carry home the cannabis. Councilman Izzy Gutierrez assures that this will be clearly explained.

Rules and Regulations

The approval of recreational marijuana comes with its own restrictions and rules to make sure the public peace is upheld and protected. Nevada’s marijuana laws have outlined some guidelines for the use of marijuana within its boundaries:

  • Marijuana is illegal to consume in public.
  • It is prohibited within casinos.
  • It is a criminal offense to transport it across state lines.

Mayor Corona was quoted “We will make sure to all guests coming from Utah and other states that the purchase and transport of marijuana across state lines is illegal and prohibited.”

With the legalization of the use of recreational marijuana, the West Wendover City Council is trying to discover ways to educate and host Utah citizens interested in ‘pot tourism’. There is a huge possibility that there will be signs erected at the city’s dispensary warning clients of the criminal offense for transporting marijuana over state lines. The city council is also trying to figure out how they can create special ‘lounges’ where it will be legal to consume marijuana and cannabis products.

West Wendover may become the new Colorado making an economic benefit from ‘pot tourism’. The mayor and city council are exploring ideas that will make it a smooth process without ruining relations with neighboring states.


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