CBD Ointment

As more and more interest develops in the healthful properties of CBD oil, there’s a growing demand for products that use it in different areas. The advent of CBD ointment is a great example of this, a product that uses the benefits of CBD to promote skin health and supports a variety of different skin conditions. Here are some facts on how to find and use CBD ointment, as well as why you should.

What Is CBD Ointment and Why Use It?

In general, CBD ointment is part of the greater category of CBD topical products, different products formulated with CBD and applied to the skin. For CBD ointments, the primary purposes of these are handling specific issues like:

  • Bug bites
  • Scratches
  • Cuts
  • Infections
  • Scrapes

When these situations happen, the body naturally uses inflammation as a response. However, in some cases, this inflammation can be excessive and cause irritation. Cannabinoids, the natural chemicals that you find in all CBD products, are anti-inflammatories and can cut down on this irritation. In addition, these same properties can help with pain relief and specific skin conditions like blackheads, pimple-prone skin, and excessively dry skin. In essence, a CBD ointment can be your full-scale skincare option.

Best of all, by using a topical treatment like these, you get the benefit of a product that’s easy to apply and integrate into your daily routine. Simply follow the instructions on the package and apply the recommended amount of ointment to the afflicted area.

topical CBD treatments

The Benefits of CBD Ointment

Many of the benefits that we talk about when it comes to CBD ointment stems from the nutritional content that it has, similar to its distant cousin, hemp cream. Here are some of some of the key benefits you can find in your average CBD ointment product.

  • Faster healing from minor scrapes and burns
  • Pain relief from chronic conditions
  • Provides relief from inflammation
  • Speeds recovery after intense activity
  • Slows signs of aging by reducing free radical molecules

As an added note here, the exact amount of these nutrients you get in a single application of CBD ointment may vary from brand to brand. It’s best to do your due diligence and read the label before buying to make sure you are getting nutrient content you are happy with.

One other common question that tends to orbit around cannabis-based topicals, CBD ointment included, is whether or not using these as a part of your daily regimen exposes you to risk failing a drug test. The good news is that this is not the case, and it all boils down to our skin doing its job. Skin is naturally meant to be a powerful barrier from any substances entering our body, and this includes the chemicals that would set off a drug test.

If you are still skeptical, there’s another product that is safe for use at all times when applied on the skin, and that’s rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol technically has a stronger alcohol content than your typical beer, yet it’s safe to apply then drive. This is because of the skin, and the same works with CBD ointment and other cannabis topicals.

CBD ointment

A Buyer’s Guide to CBD Ointment

So, at this point, we’ve talked about why it’s worth buying CBD ointment, and busted a few myths around it, but what happens when we get down to the nuts and bolts of actually purchasing CBD ointment? There are a lot of brands out there to choose from, and it’s only likely to grow as cannabis topicals become more popular. However, here are a few brands to start with:

  • Plus CBD Oil, which offers a milder scent and feel in case you want to use this in the workplace or another crowded setting.
  • Ova Muscle Rub, a product designed for pain relief for athletes or people suffering from chronic pain.
  • Pure Ratios CBD Salve, which comes in a portable-friendly package for the person on the go.
  • DaCrema Botanicals Topical Salve, which is a CBD ointment variation combined with basil and lavender for an herbal scent.

In terms of pricing, you’re generally going to see a range of $20 to $50 on average for CBD ointment. What exactly drives the price for one option instead of the other can vary, but generally, it’s due to the strength of the formulation as well as the purpose. For example, something marketed as “extra strength” may have a larger concentration of CBD as well as other items. However, this means a larger cost.

In general, if you have a skin condition or pain and are looking for CBD ointment to help, expect to pay more than someone who just wants a basic skincare product. When you are ready to make your purchase, going online is the easiest option to find different brands. However, if you live in an area where CBD products are commonly sold, you may be able to find some in a skincare section.

For people who are on the fence about CBD products but are interested in the potential healthful properties, CBD ointment makes a great starting option. In addition, it’s relatively easy to obtain and apply, making for a perfect match for the CBD newcomer.

Overall, CBD ointment has proven to be a versatile and effective addition to the growing list of products under the cannabis umbrella. Best of all, as the demand for it grows, it becomes easier and easier to find, purchase, and add it to your daily regimen.