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Blue Dream

Blue Dream (HYBRID)

Happy (10)
Relaxed (9)
Euphoric (8)
Uplifted (8)
Creative (6)
Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel (SATIVA)

Happy (10)
Uplifted (8)
Energetic (8)
Euphoric (7.5)
Relaxed (5.5)


Happy (10)
Relaxed (9.5)
Euphoric (8.5)
Uplifted (7)
Creative (5)
Green Crack

Green Crack (SATIVA)

Energetic (10)
Happy (8.5)
Uplifted (7.5)
Focused (7)
Euphoric (6.5)
OG Kush


Relaxed (10)
Happy (9)
Euphoric (7.5)
Uplifted (6)
Sleepy (5.5)

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iAnthus to Report First Quarter 2019 Financial and Operational Results on May 30, 2019

Garden Remedies Newton Approved to Open for Adult Use Cannabis Sales Saturday, May 25

Horizons ETFs Launches World's First Leveraged and Inverse Marijuana ETFs

Third-Annual Pet Anxiety Awareness Campaign Kicks Off on June 2

Government of Canada provides $10 million to combat drug-impaired driving in British Columbia

GoGreen Hemp Expands It's Animal Line & Launches CBD Horse Tincture and Pellets

Business & Community Leaders Gather In Lansing For Chamber Of Commerce 'Day At The Capitol': Governor Whitmer Delivers Keynote Address

CANNAPAGES Directory and Digest Launches 5th Market Publication in Oklahoma

Jaw Dropping Benefits Of Smoking Marijuana


#Connecticut residents — it's crunch time for the legalization bill! Contact your representatives and senators today and urge them to support ending cannabis prohibition!

"The racial-justice component is becoming more a part of the national discussion. People shouldn’t be branded for life for conduct that others are making millions of dollars from now.” -Karen O’Keefe, MPP's director of state policies

Not only is legalizing cannabis the right thing to do, it also brings many benefits with it — including job creation.

“This is a matter of fairness and justice. We should not be punishing people for something that is no longer illegal in this state.”

Signing up for MPP's email alerts is a great way to stay up to date on cannabis policy reform in your state! Sign up today:

With the growing evidence that cannabis can be used as an effective treatment for PTSD, there is no valid argument why veterans shouldn't be able to access it in states where it is legal.

People all over the state want to #LegalizeIllinois - now it's time for the General Assembly to vote. Contact your legislator, tell them to vote yes! #MondayMotivation

#Illinois residents — Lawmakers have 14 days left to get the bill to legalize cannabis past the finish line.

Contact your state legislators today to tell them it’s time for smart, equitable cannabis policies!

A disappointing development in New Hampshire. But significant progress has been made, and the fight is far from over.


My turn.

"List six bands/artists that you've seen at a gig/concert and one lie. People leave a reply with who they think is the lie."

My list:
1) Pearl Jam
2) N’Sync
3) Van Halen
4) Vanessa Carlton
5) Snoop Dogg
6) Gwar

We’re all safe now. Thank goodness. 😐

Yesterday’s keynote speaker at the cannabis invest summit was @genesimmons. He told me to quit music because the industry is dead and to focus on cannabis law. Dig that for sure.

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