Movie Quote Trivia

Can you name the movie from the quote?
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Danger! Danger! Trees! Tree! Tree! Squirrel!
  • I knew you were going soft. Dinner's gonna be cold tonight, asshole!
  • Fucked up, man.
  • Well looky here, Mr. Forges. Wussup, Saul?
  • Look, I didn't want to hit you, man...
  • SHUT THE FUCK UP! You think you was gonna get me, motherfucker? Huh? You need to set your little sexy ass down and watch yourself get killed now!
  • Alright! You know what, if this is how it's gonna be, alright. Silence!
Of course the car made it home, you're calling me at home. No, Walter, it did NOT look like Larry was about to crack!
Okay guys, one more thing, this summer when you're being inundated with all this American bicentennial Fourth Of July brouhaha, don't forget what you're celebrating, and that's the fact that a bunch of slave-owning, aristocratic, white males didn't want to pay their taxes.
  • [Mrs. Jones hand Craig phone] Hello? Who the fuck you go to the show with last night?
  • I didn't go to the show last night.
  • You ain't got to lie Craig, you ain't got to lie...
  • Ain't nobody lyin, I didn't go to the show.
  • Yes you did. Cause my sister-in-law's baby cousin Tracy. She told me that she saw you at the show all hugged up wit some tramp. Now tell me who she was.
  • Yo sister-in-law's baby cousin Tracy is a goddamn...Yea, she a liar. She ain't see me in no show hugged up wit nobody.
  • Mmm-hmm well let me tell you what. You just tell the bitch, whoeva she is, when I catch her, Imma beat her ass!
[clapping hands together] This is so exciting!
  • We dropped off the damn money...
  • We?
  • I! The Royal "we"! You know, the editorial...
  • So, you trying to get something to bring your nerves down too, huh?
  • Yeah. I figure if I study high, take the test high, get high scores! Right?
  • Right.
  • Right...
The Dude abides.
Bitch! You know what I want! Hahahahaha! I wanna talk to Samson! Fly me to the moon like that bitch Alice Kramden! 'Cause it's hard being black and gifted! Sometimes I wanna throw it all down and get lifted!
  • Hey, you guys had shirts on when you came in here.
  • Well, something must have happened to them.
  • I'm here to save my best friend... I've got an idea! Rub your wrists against my belt buckle! I'm gonna save you, man!
  • Yeah! Yeah!
  • Let me save you!
  • Does the female form make you uncomfortable?
  • Uh, is that what this is a picture of?
  • In a sense, yes. My art has been commended as being strongly vaginal which bothers some men. The word itself makes some men uncomfortable. Vagina.
  • Oh yeah?
  • Yes, they don't like hearing it and find it difficult to say whereas without batting an eye a man will refer to his dick or his rod or his Johnson.
  • Johnson?
  • You're Mitch, right? I think I heard about you.
  • Oh really, what did you hear?
  • I don't know, man, are you OK?
  • [embarrassed] Oh... yeah.
  • I got it! Why don't we sell that weed that we smoked earlier!
  • We suggested that already!
  • For real, B?
  • [Phone beeps go off in Scarface's head] Marijuana affects the memory.