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Exciting news: Rhode Island could soon become the next state to legalize cannabis for adults!

"It's particularly good to see the addition of an automatic, petition-free record clearance process for prior marijuana possession convictions. This will allow tens of thousands of Rhode Islanders to get relief." -Jared Moffat, MPP's campaigns manager

"North Dakota is likely to enact a cannabis legalization law by the end of this year." -Jared Moffat, MPP's campaigns manager

"The survey from the University of Texas at Tyler found that an overwhelmingly, bipartisan majority of Texans (83 percent) support medical cannabis legalization, and 60 percent said they’re in favor of recreational legalization as well."

"@repblumenauer expressed optimism Monday about the odds of cannabis banking reform finally being passed by the full Congress, citing growing bipartisan support and the increased risk of violent attacks on state-legal marijuana businesses that handle cash"

Despite a majority of Kentuckians supporting full legalization, legislators have yet to even decriminalize cannabis.

"Another poll has found that a strong majority of Americans across political lines support either legalizing marijuana nationally or letting states set their own cannabis policies."

Until the Georgia General Assembly removes criminal penalties for cannabis, humiliating and intrusive searches and life-altering cannabis arrests will continue in large numbers.

MPP's President and CEO, @ToiHutchinson, is featured on the cover of @SweetJaneMag! Pre-orders are available now:


I just had a pleasant experience at the DMV. What is the world coming to?

It’s harvest time in this little town.

Time to bring it on in, pay the loans down.

All olympians should be encouraged, but not required to consume cannabis.

Very proud of the work we’re doing. Excited and thankful for what’s ahead.

Cannabis dispensaries are ESSENTIAL.