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WCVC Enters $140 Billion Market Adding Beyond Meat Plant Based Burger to Illegal Burger Menu #mjba #mjnews

Driven's Founders Return Shares to Company Treasury #mjba #mjnews

Ahead Of Supply Side West Treehouse Awarded Patent For Innovative THC-Removal Method #mjba #mjnews

Health Canada Leverages Strainprint(R) Technologies' Real-Time Observational Data and Analytics to Better Understand Cannabis Use in Canada #mjba #mjnews

Namaste's CannMart Receives Health Canada Approval for the Sale of Cannabis Oil Concentrates #mjba #mjnews

4Front Hires Chief Human Performance Officer to Drive Leadership and Employee Development #mjba #mjnews

Canopy Growth Announces Sale of Stake in AusCann #mjba #mjnews

Freehold Properties and Revolution Global Announce $29 Million Investment to Expand Illinois Cultivation Facility #mjba #mjnews

Canopy Growth completes previously announced acquisition of Beckley Canopy Therapeutics #mjba #mjnews


Marijuana prohibition has failed. It costs taxpayers billions, prevents police from focusing on real crimes, does not keep marijuana out of the hands of minors and has not improved public health or safety. It's time to replace prohibition with a system of regulation.

Exciting to see Mexico moving closer to cannabis legalization! Our federal lawmakers should follow suit.

Marijuana is safer than _______. (comment below!)

Check out where momentum to legalize cannabis is picking up around the world!

Most Americans agree that our current marijuana laws aren’t working. Public opinion has shifted in favor of legalization because the fearful predictions made by opponents simply have not materialized. It’s time to end prohibition.

Another prohibitionist argument debunked by data.

Cannabis legalization — creating jobs instead of arrest records.

"This new arrest data is a stark reminder that cannabis prohibition is far from over." -Steve Hawkins, MPP's executive director

Reducing opioid prescriptions is one way of combatting the opioid crisis, and medical marijuana is proving to be a very useful and increasingly common alternative.


The ones I’m working with are. #becauseitscannabis

This is not what I imagined work meetings would look like back in law school, but here we are. #mydayinLA

In the very least, we all agree that the McDonalds chicken sandwich is trash.

New blog post about #Florida cannabis law. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Click the link below.

Hellooooo! I’ve been nominated for Lawyer of the Year by the CCA’s. If you have a moment, please throw me a vote.

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