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Everything Plastic Can Be Made From Hemp #Hemp #MJBA

What Licensed #CannabisBusinesses Must Know About Insurance #MJNews #mmot @MJHeadlineNews

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You wouldn’t eat food that poses health risks. So why risk purchasing #cannabis that contains toxic pesticides, dangerous chemicals, and harmful fungi?

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Everything Plastic Can Be Made From Hemp #Hemp #MJBA


We need our federal lawmakers to take action, not simply tout support for marijuana policy reform to gain votes.

See where your state ranks on medical marijuana!

The benefits of legalizing cannabis include creating jobs, providing patients with relief, increasing tax revenue for states, and freeing up law enforcement resources to focus on serious crime — just to name a few.

66% of people support legalizing marijuana in the USA. If only half of those are adults, that's at least 100 million people. If only 10% of them donated just 25-cents per month to @MarijuanaPolicy, that would be $30 million/year, & marijuana could be fully legalized very fast.

Roughly 659,700 Americans were arrested or cited for marijuana-related offenses in 2017, and 90% were for possession alone. That's one possession arrest every 47 seconds, and it’s more arrests than for all violent crimes combined. It's time to #EndProhibition

"The government was aware that the restitution of past criminal records would be a big part of cannabis legalization, particularly since the legal system penalized people of color at rates far higher than Canada’s white population."

Check out @BLaw's article spotlighting Don Murphy, MPP's director of federal policies!

Including opioid replacement as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis is a critical step in combatting the deadly opioid epidemic affecting people across the country.

Vote ⬆️ for MPP's #SXSW2020 proposal which will provide a preview of which states are most likely to legalize cannabis in 2020!


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Preparing to apply for a cannabis business license in Florida? Let us know!

New blog post about #Florida cannabis law. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Click the link below.

Does anyone have intel on the location of a currently operating Pizza Hut buffet? Asking for a friend.

Hellooooo! I’ve been nominated for Lawyer of the Year by the CCA’s. If you have a moment, please throw me a vote.

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Life has improved vastly since I became my own hype man. Thanks to @SensiMag for having me out yesterday, and to the LA cannabis community for embracing the firm.