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Innovet Pet Warns People About The Dangers Of Giving Puppies As Christmas Presents #mjba #mjnews

Canopy Growth Introduces First & Free - A Line of Branded Hemp-Derived CBD Products to the U.S. Market #mjba #mjnews

iAnthus Announces Opening of Dispensary in Ocala, Florida #mjba #mjnews

United Cannabis Corporation Receives Notice of Allowance for New Patent Covering Methods of Preparing and Using Cannabinoid Formulations #mjba #mjnews

Valens expands Exclusive Licence Agreement to Bring Leading Cannabis-Infusion Technology to New International Markets #mjba #mjnews

Fluent Beverages Launches its First CBD-Infused Beverage Brand in Canada: Everie #mjba #mjnews

March Networks Expands Cannabis Solution with Cova POS Integration #mjba #mjnews

Cannassure Therapeutics Ltd and Lipidor AB Enter a Feasibility Study and Licence Option Agreement for Development and Sales of Topical Medical Cannabis Products Based on AKVANO Technology #mjba #mjnews

Australis Capital and Folium Biosciences Agree to Merger to Create a Publicly Held Vertically Integrated Producer of Non-Psychoactive Cannabinoids #mjba #mjnews


“We are seeing an effort that could make adult use pass in Missouri and Oklahoma.” Steven Hawkins #MJBizCon

“We are expecting in the next 6 months Vermont will open up retail sales.” Steven Hawkins #MJBizCon

MPP's executive director, Steve Hawkins, and former U.S. Senator @TomDaschle are getting ready to speak at #MJBizCon!

At long last, Minnesota plans to include chronic pain in its medical cannabis program.

"States led the way in developing alternative policies that control alcohol while allowing for responsible adult use, and they should continue to do the same with marijuana." -Steve Hawkins, MPP's executive director

Despite cannabis being decriminalized in over half of the country and a growing number of states enacting legalization laws, cannabis arrests continue to rise. Lawmakers must take action to end federal prohibition.

"Having a similarly situated state move forward can help, but state legislatures, especially in the Midwest and South, have been very, very slow to act, despite where the public is on this." -Karen O'Keefe, MPP's director of state policies

"The study shows an 18% reduction in drunk driving accidents after Washington made the move to legalize marijuana."


My dream to move to Chiang Mai just got a bit less hazy.

This is not what I imagined work meetings would look like back in law school, but here we are. #mydayinLA

New blog post about #Florida cannabis law. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Click the link below.

Hellooooo! I’ve been nominated for Lawyer of the Year by the CCA’s. If you have a moment, please throw me a vote.

Thank you 🙏