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MJNews Flash: CAFE Provides Update Regarding Its Comprehensive Pandemic Response Protocols #mjba #mjnews

MJNews Flash: Halcyon Holdings Temporarily Shifts Focus to Include Bulk Production of Hand and Surface Sanitizer to Help Address Shortages #mjba #mjnews

MJNews Flash: Trulieve Announces Month-Long Live Streams To Find Resources for Florida Residents #mjba #mjnews

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MJNews Flash: What is CBD Isolate, And How Is It Used?

MJNews Flash: Harborside Inc. Announces Service Changes in San Jose to Comply with County of Santa Clara Shelter Order #mjba #mjnews

MJNews Flash: Khiron to Report 2019 Fiscal Year End Results and Provides Corporate Update #mjba #mjnews


State leaders across the country have deemed cannabis "essential," yet the federal government remains unwilling to offer financial support to these businesses.

The cannabis industry continues to step up during these trying times.

Many veterans rely on adult-use stores rather than medical cannabis outlet due to cost, fear of losing federal benefits, and registry requirements. Closure of adult-use cannabis businesses will negatively impact veterans' ability to access safe cannabis.

State leaders across the nation have deemed medical cannabis companies "essential" during the coronavirus pandemic, along with other measures to ensure safe access to cannabis. Check out MPP's guide to see what actions have been taken in your state.

A big thank you to @MarijuanaPolicy and Karen O’Keefe for offering some perspective on this topic. #MedicalCannabis #COVID19

"It’s a sign marijuana firms are putting their local communities’ interests top of mind during challenging times."

It's clear that Americans understand the importance of maintaining safe access to medical cannabis for patients.

The more individuals incarcerated, the greater the likelihood and possible scope of a related outbreak. Significantly reducing the number of inmates is a necessary step to ensuring public health in the face of this crisis.

Stay informed about what steps your state is taking to ensure safe access to cannabis during the COVID-19 crisis.


Cannabis dispensaries are ESSENTIAL.

We now have decisive evidence that America’s top priority is a clean ass.

We’re off to a busy February!

A lot of exciting licensing opportunities in #SantaBarbara for cannabis cultivators.

#LosAngeles will potentially begin accepting applications for your retail #cannabis #business later this year!

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My dream to move to Chiang Mai just got a bit less hazy.

This is not what I imagined work meetings would look like back in law school, but here we are. #mydayinLA