What Happens If You Take Adderall and Weed

Adderall and Weed

Have you ever thought what would happen if you take Adderall and weed at the same time?  In this article, we shall discuss the compounding impact, fun, high, and safety that taking Adderall and marijuana, also referred to as “weederall,” and “madderall” can create.

Why do people mix Adderall and Weed?

• Counter side effects – This is one of the most significant reasons why people mix weed and Adderall. Users of madderall claim that cannabis plays a vital role in countering some of the negative effects of Adderall and likewise Adderall helps sharpen the ‘dull edge’ that occurs because of the weed. Users claim Adderall keeps them more focused, alert and intelligent than they normally feel when they take weed alone. Also, after a marathon session of working or reading induced by Adderall intake, some people take weed to ‘come down off’ the Adderall, or to make the come down more enjoyable.

• The similarity between the drugs – The similarity in the effects of both drugs is another reason users take the combination. A lot of users of madderall claim when taken together both drugs complement each other to give a stronger effect than what each drug alone would’ve produced. In fact, some affects between the two drugs are so similar that at least one study is being conducted into the possibility of replacing Adderall with cannabis as a prescription medication.

• Socially alert – Social alertness is another reason why users take madderall. A combo of Adderall and weed is said to produce a state of euphoria and mental alertness where users are able to think more deeply and freely on issues they would’ve otherwise been unable to effectively understand. How far this goes is highly dependent on the original mental capabilities of the individual but a constant thing to be expected regardless of the level the individual’s mental ability and mental state are smarter and wiser output. In a social setting where liberal and open views are welcomed and encouraged, an individual under the influence of madderall will be viewed like he/she discovered Eldorado. A madderall user could potentially flourish in such gatherings.

• Increased cerebral function – It is said that madderall makes it possible for an individual to make use of larger percentages of the brain. This cerebral effect of madderall is said to promote the ability to digest and process large volumes of info at an unusually rapid rate. The weed in the combination is responsible for a deeper and more creative level of processing of the information gotten. Basically, weed counters one of the most prominent flaws of Adderall, the reduction in the level of creativity.

• Euphoria – The ‘high’ this mixture gives most users is on another level compared to what each drug gives when used separately. Although no works of research have been done to validate the claims of users, it seems plausible that the stimulant activity of Adderall mixed with the relaxing sensations of weed could result in heightened levels of euphoria.

• To increase marijuana tolerance – Another reason why users take madderall is to increase their tolerance for weed. The level of tolerance shown by madderall users is significantly higher compared to what nonusers show.

• Lack of information – A lot of madderall users have better embraced the mixture because of the lack of detailed information on the risks the mixture poses. The lack of credible information on the dangers users face has given a lot of users the courage to fully embrace the mixture.

The Compounding Effects of Adderall And Weed

Officially, no study has been conducted to fully explain the combined effect of weed and Adderall. All data available on the combined effect of both drugs are primarily from the first-hand accounts of users and based on their experiences the effects vary widely, from podcasts, Reddit and other sources. Although the combined effects described by users vary, the following are the most common ones experienced:

• Increased stimulation – The stimulations produced by weed and Adderall are similar yet a mixture of both drugs is said to give a stronger and more intense effect. An example of a similar effect of both drugs is increased heart rate. While an intense experience of this may be an enjoyable and thrilling experience for some users, such might not be the case for others. An example of users who may not find the experience thrilling are those suffering from any heart condition.

• Heightened euphoria – Increased levels of dopamine (a brain chemical that causes euphoric and pleasurable sensations) in the brain is an effect associated with both weed and Adderall. The euphoria produced is heightened because the two drugs complement each other. If used separately, the dopamine produced as a result of Adderall is depleted rapidly but when used with weed, this depletion is reduced thus increasing the levels of euphoria felt.

• Reduced anxiety – Increased anxiety is a mutual side effect of weed and Adderall. However, users of madderall claim that a mixture of both drugs produces a lessened level of anxiety. It’s also said that madderall can reduce potential adderall-alone side affects of loss of appetite, insomnia, and irritability.

• Increased long term health risks – Based on all available evidence weed isn’t fatal. However, the same can’t be said of Adderall. There are a lot of health risks associated with the use of Adderall for a long period of time. And even though mixing weed with Adderall reduces the levels of immediate side effects, over the long term such won’t be the case. Health risks users face include heart diseases, fatigue, depression, panic attacks and potentially more.


The effects of the consumption of Cannabis and Adderall together and alone will vary from person to person. Before we continue, there are 2 things to note.

1st: The type of marijuana smoked will make a substantial difference when compounding.

Combination users of “weederall” on the Reddit platform conveyed their experience for the greater good of humanity. Thanks, and:

You Rock
The Rock says you rock!

Many Reddit users indicated that their Adderall high “isn’t going to be as strong and will last through the session.” While others said, “they usually don’t work” when they combined the pill with weed.

With many stating that the reason was likely due to the strain of weed smoked, and suggested using the two substances as a compounding pharmacy.

Compounding Pharmaceutical
The compounding of weed and Adderall are not just for fun or high.

A compounding pharmacy is creation of a pharmaceutical product to fit the unique need of a patient.  For example, smoking weed for the relief of an Adderall come down is a form of compounding medications.

There is something to remember when compounding. The Strain.

The two strains of marijuana, Indica, and Sativa have transposing effects.

Indica– offsets the Adderall effects due to its aiding in sleep and is better used at nighttime.

Sativa– will trigger extreme stimulus of energy and alertness.

What the difference?

2ND: Effects of marijuana are subjective

The effects of Adderall and marijuana will be subjective from person to person.  Some can well tolerate both drugs used in conjunction. There are a few who will suffer adverse negative effects such as anxiety and an irregular heart rate.

Participants in a controlled study discovered the harmful effects occurring with the compounded medication. None of these participants used cannabis for medicinal purposes and were recreational marijuana users, not medical users.

The study participants ranged between the ages of 18-45 and all the participants had smoked weed more than 40 times in their lives.

The participants also had a previous medical screening, with none of the participants having prior heart issues or mental health disorders.

Subjects took part in the study for the understanding of the effects of stimulant drugs such as (methylphenidate and amphetamine). These are what Adderall is a derivative of, with THC. The study aimed at finding out what Adderall and weed can have on:

  • Mood
  • Cardiovascular functioning
  • Behavior

Dangers and Risks of Mixing Adderall And Weed

Regardless of the health risks using madderall poses, the greatest danger that users face is still the lack of credible information. No significant study has been conducted to know what dangers users face. All information currently available is anecdotal, and like all stories people tell, there’s no way to validate its credibility. The lack of meaningful studies on this has left the questions on the right dosage and the specific risks faced by users unanswered. Although the dangers madderall poses haven’t been studied in detail, here are a couple of the obvious risks users face:

• Increased risk of heart disorders and stroke.
• Long term use of madderall can disrupt the brain’s dopamine release mechanism thus causing depression and anhedonia (a condition characterized by the inability to feel pleasure outside of drug use).
• Impaired memory retention; users tend to forget simple things easily.
• Long term use can cause increased levels of paranoia, nausea, insomnia, and loss of appetite.
• A suppressed immune system.

There has been a report of tachycardia, a heart rhythm disorder during the previous assessment above on Reddit.

So, you might want to hold back before you try participating in a marathon after taking “weederall.”

Adderall and weed combined can leave your heart racing.
Don’t do anything too strenuous if you have taken Adderall and weed combined. The combo can cause rapid heart rate.

Some users relay that weed is harmless, and there is no evidence to point to long term health complications.

However, Adderall can be very harmful. The mixture of weed and Adderall elevates the risk factor (and your heart rate). Understanding these potential positive and negative effects is essential.

Adderall And Weed, The Fun, High, and Safety

Contrary to what some critics say, a lot of madderall users have nothing but words of praise for the mixture. Below are a couple of the benefits users claim to enjoy from madderall:

• Reduced levels of irritability, emotional distress, and fatigue.
• Reduced dependency on Adderall – Of the two drugs, Adderall is by far the most dangerous. A mixture of the two reduces the amount of Adderall users are taking and by so doing reduces the level of risk they face.
• Reduces immediate negative side effects of Adderall like anxiety, paranoia, and loss of appetite.
• Enhances desirable sensations like euphoria.

A closer look of one study on the compounding effects

Recently a study was conducted to find out the effects of the mixture of stimulant drugs that contain methylphenidate and amphetamine, like Adderall, and weed on:
• Mood
• Cardiovascular function
• And behavior

The specifics and major takeaways of the study are:
• No participant used the weed or Adderall for medical reasons; all participants were recreational users only.
• Participants of the study ranged between the ages of eighteen and forty-five.
• Only individuals who have smoked weed at least ten times in their lifetime were involved in the study and one of those times had to be within two months of the study. Although this was the criteria to be a participant, it should be noted that all individuals who were part of the study had smoked weed more than 40 times in their lives.
• All participants were screened for prior heart or mental disorders and they all came clean.
• From the results obtained, the researchers came to the conclusion that THC and the stimulants interact significantly to produce a synergized effect.

*** During the study, participants were asked “how they feel at present” and given what’s called the Drug Effect Questionnaire (DEQ).

The questions asked in the DEQ were:
• Feel any substance effect(s)
• Feel high
• Like the effects
• Dislike the results
• Want more of the substance

So, to sum it up, they pretty much were asked (FEEL, HIGH, DISLIKE, LIKE, and MORE).

Summary of the answers of the participants
The responses of the participants to the DEQ varied, with most participants making statements such as:
• I’m feeling the medicine’s effect
• I’m having good results from the medicine
• Some adverse effects of the medication
• The drug is likable
• Feelings of friendliness
• I feel confused
• Concentration levels are high right now
• Excited
• Feeling very alert
• Relaxed
• I would like to retake this medicine (this is funny)
• I don’t feel anything at all
• An awful lot of something
*** Also, to better grasp how madderall affects normal routine activities, the participants were allowed to engage in activities regular people do while taking weed and Adderall like:
• Reading
• Studying
• Watching television
• Playing video
• Card games
• Solving puzzles, and so on
*** Major takeaway
The risk and overall safety experienced by each user varies depending on the quantity of amphetamine taken. The types and intensity of sensations felt by each user also vary, the effects of madderall on each user are subjective with some experiencing alertness, some an increased heart rate and so on.
It should be noted that the info provided by this study isn’t equivalent to medical advice. The study is strictly to provide information and is in no way a substitute for a doctor’s advice, treatment or diagnosis.

In summary, the risk and overall safety experienced by each user varies depending on the quantity of amphetamine taken. The types and intensity of sensations felt by each user also vary. The effects of madderall on each user are subjective with some experiencing alertness, some an increased heart rate and so on.
It should be noted that the information provided by this study isn’t equivalent to medical advice. The study is strictly to provide information and is in no way a substitute for a doctor’s advice, treatment or diagnosis.


In addition, this article should not be confused with medical advice. It is not an alternative to skipping on a doctor’s visit for proper treatment, diagnosis and information.