What Happens If You Take Adderall and Weed

Adderall and Weed

Have you ever thought what would happen if I take Adderall and weed at the same time? Then you may have contemplated or felt the compounding effect that Adderall and weed could have on a person. In this article, we shall discuss the compounding impact, fun, high, and safety that taking Adderall and marijuana, also referred to as “weederall,” and “madderall” can create.

The Compounding Effects of Adderall And Weed

The consumption of Cannabis and Adderall will vary from person to person. Before we continue, there are a few things to note.

1st: The type of marijuana smoked will make a substantial difference when compounding.

2ND: Effects of marijuana are subjective

1st:  Combination users of “weederall” on the Reddit platform conveyed their experience for the greater good of humanity. Thanks, and:

You Rock
The Rock says you rock!

Many Reddit users indicated that their Adderall high “isn’t going to be as strong and will last through the session.” While others said, “they usually don’t work” when they combined the pill with weed.

With many stating that the reason was likely due to the strain of weed smoked, and suggested using the two substances as a compounding pharmacy.

Compounding Pharmaceutical
The compounding of weed and Adderall are not just for fun or high.

Wait, don’t know what a compounding pharmacy is? Let us explain. It is the creation of a pharmaceutical product to fit the unique need of a patient.

Now that we understand compounding let’s give an example of it. Smoking weed for the relief of an Adderall come down rather than together initially to enhance the high, is a form of compounding medications.

There is something to remember when compounding. What is it?

It’s the strain of cannabis you’re smoking. The two strains of marijuana, Indica, and Sativa have transposing effects.

Indica– offsets the Adderall effects due to its aiding in sleep and is better used at nighttime.

Sativa– will trigger extreme stimulus of energy and alertness.

What the difference?

2ND: The effects of Adderall and marijuana will be subjective from person to person.  Some can well tolerate both drugs used in conjunction. There are a few who will suffer adverse negative effects such as anxiety and an irregular heart rate.

Participants in a controlled study discovered the harmful effects occurring with the compounded medication. None of these participants used cannabis for medicinal purposes and were recreational marijuana users, not medical users. If you ask us, the use of weed recreationally and the participation in a study for the greater good of marijuana enthusiast is just fine with us. Not all heroes wear capes.

Not all heroes wear capes

The study participants ranged between the ages of 18-45 years of age and had to have smoked weed at least ten times in their life.  With 1 of the ten times within two months before the study.

We should note that all the participants had smoked weed more than 40 times in their lives. No one asked them to, they coincidentally just had prior experience.

A Coincidence?
Philanthropic work.

Also, the participants had a previous medical screening, with none of the participants having prior heart issues or mental health disorders.

Subjects took part in the study for the understanding of the effects of stimulant drugs such as (methylphenidate and amphetamine). These are what Adderall is a derivative of, with THC. The study aimed at finding out what Adderall and weed can have on:

  • Mood
  • Cardiovascular functioning
  • Behavior

Side Effects and Risk of Mixing Adderall And Weed

Most patients had no adverse side effects other than a male patient who suffered from tachycardia during the assessment above.

In case you’re wondering, tachycardia is a heart rhythm disorder, in which the beat of the heart is much quicker than when it’s resting. So, you might want to hold back before you try participating in a marathon after taking “weederall.”

Adderall and weed combined can leave your heart racing.
Don’t do anything too strenuous if you have taken Adderall and weed combined. The combo can cause rapid heart rate.

We know what you might be thinking “hey, this is not heroin or cocaine” relaying that weed is harmless, and there is no evidence to point to long term health complications.

You have a valid point; marijuana use can be very safe, yet Adderall can be very harmful. The mixture of weed and Adderall elevates the risk factor (and your heart rate). Understanding these potential positive and negative effects is essential.

Cocaine and Heroine Vs Adderall and Weed
Weed isn’t as harmful as cocaine.

Adderall And Weed, The Fun, High, and Safety

Let’s return for a moment to that study we were discussing previously. The researchers stated that there was a significant interaction between THC and stimulants.

During the study, participants got asked “how they feel at present” and given what’s called the Drug Effect Questionnaire (DEQ).

The questions asked in the DEQ were:

  • (1) Feel any substance effect(s)
  • (2) Feel high
  • (3) Like the effects
  • (4) Dislike the results
  • (5) Want more of the substance

So, to sum it up, they pretty much were asked (FEEL, HIGH, DISLIKE, LIKE, and MORE).

What Did Participants Say After The Study?

The responses of the DEQ during the Adderall and weed study varied by the participant, with statements such as:

  • I’m feeling the medicine’s effect
  • I’m having good results from the medicine
  • Some adverse effects of the medication
  • The drug is likable
  • Feelings of friendliness
  • I feel confused
  • Concentration levels are high right now
  • Excited
  • Feeling very alert
  • Relaxed
  • I would like to retake this medicine (this is funny)
  • I don’t feel anything at all
  • An awful lot of something

The participants were high on Adderall and weed when involved in activities, such as:

  1. Reading
  2. Studying
  3. Watching television
  4. Playing video
  5. Card games
  6. Solving puzzles

To sum it up, they were doing normal things people do while taking Adderall and marijuana.

In conclusion, the overall safety and risk associated seem to be dependent on the amount of amphetamine taken. However, this is still subjective and will vary, such as some experiencing alertness and one guy with an increased heart rate. The information disseminated does not provide medical advice. It is for informational uses only and not an alternative to skipping on a doctor’s visit for treatment and diagnosis.