How Long Does a Marijuana High Last?

As much as people love to get high, having it last a long time is not always what users are looking for. At the same time, if your high ends sooner than expected, you may feel that the marijuana you bought or grew is of poor quality.

Understanding how a high works is contingent on a combination of different factors, but it’s rooted mainly on our biology.

Key Factors and Delivery Systems

As cannabis continues to grow in popularity and R&D continues to drive innovation, there are more delivery systems being created by the day. However, as we mentioned before, each method brings the THC to the bloodstream in a different fashion, which can affect how long the high will last. To make things a bit clearer, here is a chart on a few delivery methods to take in THC, and around how long you can expect the high from each one to last:

how long does a weed high last

Additional Factors

What will likely make the most difference when it comes to how long your high lasts is the delivery system. There are also a sea of other factors that can make an impact. By manipulating some of these, you may be able to get high for longer. However, others aren’t nearly as easy to control.

First off, person-by-person factors may impact the nature of your high. For example, if you are a first-time smoker, chances are that you’re going to get high faster and longer than someone who consumes a lot of marijuana. If this is the case, it’s good to try and give yourself around six hours to fully process the THC.

In addition, while this is obvious, it bears mentioning that consumption will also affect the nature of your high. Taking a few puffs on a joint is going to have a shorter high than smoking multiple blunts in a short period. Again, this is because there’s more THC in the bloodstream that needs to be processed. Also, factors like your weight, gender, and metabolism have an indirect effect on your high. For example, a slower metabolism means that it takes longer for your body to process the THC, meaning that your high will last longer.

On the other side of the equation is the potency of the marijuana that you are consuming. Certain strains will contain more THC than others, meaning that a high may be stronger and last longer.

Ultimately, when it comes to determining the length of a high, different elements factor in. As mentioned this ranges from the strength of the weed to your own body and history. Be sure to keep all of these in mind to avoid being surprised or disappointed when smoking or consuming marijuana.  

How Does Weed Make You Get High

At the basic level, we feel a high from marijuana when the chemical THC enters the bloodstream, triggering a series of different bodily reactions. This reaction is caused by THC binding with different receptors in the central nervous system and spreading throughout the body from the bloodstream. This explains why smoking a joint or consuming an edible makes your entire body feel the effects of the high.

In addition, the relationship between the bloodstream and the rest of the body is part of the reason why different forms of marijuana may trigger a high at different stages. For example, one of the common pieces of wisdom given to first-time marijuana users is to give edibles time for them to take effect. This is because in order for THC to enter the bloodstream, the edible needs to be digested first. By comparison, when smoking weed, the THC enters the bloodstream via the lungs, which means you feel the effects more quickly. The high will end when the body is finished processing the THC, which, again, can vary.