Marijuana Industry Seminar With Leafy Green

Marijuana Industry Seminar, With Leafly Green
Marijuana Industry Seminar, With Leafly Green

The Leafy Green Legends

The story of Leafy Green Agency’s (LGA) started ten years ago.

Dr. Vanessa is a expert in medical marijuana treatment
Dr. Vanessa is an expert in medical marijuana treatment. Image courtesy of “leafy green agency.”

Dr. Vanessa Niles established medical practice for patients that could benefit from the medicinal qualities of marijuana. Established 15 years ago, the LGA was as a training and education business with over 15 years of experience in retail and healthcare.

Leafy Green seminar
Leafy Green seminar. Image courtesy of “Facebook, Leafy Green“.

We visited one of their medical marijuana training seminars led by Alex Zakrzewski. LGA’s mission, as stated by Mr. Zakrzewski, is “to provide the best education and training for medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and career seekers interested in this new and profitable space.”

The Marijuana Industry

A variety of marijuana topics were discussed, such as the origins of the use of marijuana, state medical and recreational laws, and the different sectors in the cannabis industry.

Marijuana Cultivation

Some of these sectors include cultivation/retail, processors, lab testing, ancillaries, and investing and finance, all of which examined more in-depth as the seminar went on.

Alongside these topics were the opportunities that are open in the cannabis industry — hence showing how lucrative and mainstream the cannabis industry has become since its inception.

Brand ambassadors, sales associates, and store managers are only some of the most popular occupations that cannabis companies seek.

Companies such as Green Thumb Industries, Surterra Wellness, and Cura Cannabis Solutions are always looking to fill in some of these jobs.

Regarding the marijuana plant itself, the seminar provided knowledge on the different cannabis strains.

It’s Science

The Science Behind Medical Marijuana
The Science Behind Medical Marijuana

The science behind the cannabis compounds (like cannabinoids) discussed along with the plants’ terpenes and even the different consumption methods.

LGA also focuses on training people who are looking to get a head start in the business aspect of the industry. The seminar was educational.
They are speaking about what an entrepreneur will soon face at one time, proving to be successful when all business aspects are sound.
As stated by the Medical Cannabis Pilot Program, the medical marijuana industry in the state of Illinois saw a revenue of $136 million in 2018 over 55 licensed dispensaries. In March 2019 alone, it has seen over $17 million in revenue.

All in all, visiting the seminar was an enlightening experience for everyone that attended.

Many people are serious about getting into the cannabis industry, either as a:

1. Budtender

2. Cultivator

3. Store manager

There were also people who were attending for the learning experience. The cannabis industry is rapidly growing as more states are legalizing marijuana medically, recreationally, or both.

The cannabis industry provides lucrative opportunities — Doctors, entrepreneurs, and connoisseurs alike.

We would like to extend a very special  thank you to Leafy Green for allowing Cannaplayground at the event and the hospitality bestowed..