Colombian Cannabis and Competition


Whether or not you know it, Colombia is famous and well known for being the elite in cocaine distribution.  From real stories such as Cocaine Cowboys

to dramatized films like scarface

The Columbian drug trade is looking to place itself as a farmer and exporter of cannabis. Undeniably, the interest in the medical cannabis market, has prominent North American cannabis companies increasingly examining profits abroad.

Above all, Colombia has the perfect climate for the cultivation of the plant.  As an illustration, Columbia has:

  • 12 hours of year-round daylight
  • Land and labor is moderately affordable
  • The experienced agricultural workforce knows cut-flower manufacturing

All things considered, Colombian growers can provide cannabis at a cheaper quality rate/price. As a result, North America and European producers have to waste capital on climate-controlled greenhouses to fight severe season such as winter.

At present, Colombians can provide:

Knowing the value, North America cannabis companies are creating a “bee-line” to Colombia.

At present, Khiron Life Sciences, a Canadian-Colombian business, became the principal cannabis farmer, with hub operations in Colombia that are being listed on the Toronto stock exchange.

Many sources are reporting that the country could supply two-fifths of the globe’s cannabis.

The Amazon Of Cannabis

By the same token, it can earn more from cannabis farming than it does from cut flower or coal. Balanced against coffee, and banana production, Farmers have been urged to shift their views on their traditional crops.

Albeit, Colombia is the best country in the world for cannabis agriculture.  As noted, because of the:

  • Climate
  • Sunlight
  • Land
  • Low priced labor

However, is this still sufficient? Compared to Norther American medical cannabis,  there are specific stipulations in place to produce quality medical cannabis. Consequently, it requires an expenditure that numerous small-scale Colombian farmers cannot provide.

By and large, Colombia has dominated the market in the past (with a different form of the illicit drug) be that as it may, will the cannabis market see competition from experienced farmers?



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