Rise of Marijuana Use in Ontario Even Before Legalization


A survey carried out by the Centre for Mental Health and Addiction (CAMH) showed an increase in marijuana use by adults from 15.7 % back in 2016 to 19.4 % in 2017. This percentage represents more than two million statesmen. This rise is most notable among millennials and persons aged 50 and older.

A senior scientist at CAMH, Robert Mann was quoted saying, “The greatest rise seemed to be among the youth aged between 18 to 29. In 1996 more than 18.3% were reported to be using marijuana.”

The CAMH Survey Report

CAMH survey was conducted on more than 2,800 adults of ages 18 and older. The survey revealed that not only has there been an increase of people who are consuming marijuana, but also an increase in those driving high.

With the upward trend of both marijuana use and drug-impaired driving even before legalization, this might spell doom for the future. Robert Mann said.” This has raised concerns and we are tracking the situation very closely. I believe that the experiences of other jurisdictions may not see a huge change with legalization.”

Robert Mann explained that legalization of cannabis was not meant to increase the use of cannabis but instead to set regulations and control which will reduce the toxic use of marijuana. This is because even in past years with marijuana being illegal its use continued to rise.

In the report, CAMH saw that data collected pointed to high levels of stress among people aged between 18 to 29 which led them to problematic use of marijuana, alcohol, and opioids for recreational purposes. This comes at a time when they are looking for careers, charting their future lives and some starting their families.

The survey is believed to be helpful to the state government where they can easily decide on the regulations, they may need to employ to control the cannabis use among its youth. But it is less than likely that the survey by CAMH will alter the future if legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes.


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