The Growing Job Market in the Marijuana Industry

Cannabis Jobs Report
Cannabis Jobs Report

According to a recent cannabis jobs report, while other industries are tightening up, the marijuana industry has no problems when it comes to job creation. There was a large job creation in 2018 with addition of new roles to the marijuana manufacturers and distributors in the U.S. Approximately 296,000 jobs have been created that are directly linked to the industry.  The industry of legal cannabis is still unrecognized despite the many employment opportunities it has created and its effect on the economy.

Cannabis Jobs Count Report

This report was written by Bruce Barott, a deputy editor at Leafly and Beau Whitney, Whitney Economics founder. The report based their findings on industry surveys, economic formulas, information from reporters and state data.

The legalization of marijuana caused a disruption in the economy, but instead of destroying jobs, it has been linked to the creation of over 211,000 jobs. As more states move towards legalizing the substance, this number is still expected to increase being the fastest growing labour marker in the U.S.

The co-founder of Data Trek Research, Nick Colas noted from the study that despite the US labor market showing signs of weakness and possible recession, the industry has been a good thing for the economy.

The industry also offers an alternative to Americans who feel that they need a college degree. This is important to reduce the growing student loan debt that is around $1.6 trillion. The industry offers well paying positions for different levels of experience and education level attained.

Colas referenced Glassdoor data that shows the median pay in the marijuana industry is 11% more than that of an average working American of $52,863. The industry has many opportunities available including cultivation directors and sees representatives who earn up to six figure salaries.

As more states and countries legalize medical and recreational marijuana, the job opportunities are expected to increase giving a much needed boost to the economy.


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