Cannabis Production Found Inside Police Station

Cannabis Production Found Inside Police Station
Cannabis Production Found Inside Police Station

A large destroyed cannabis farm was discovered at the old Failsworth Police Station, 511 Oldham Road, Failsworth.

Police found the premises vulnerable when entering, relaying they found the traces of immense cannabis production.

The complete first level rooms and loft area has grown into a 1000 cannabis plant garden.

Officers stated, “The grow was believed to have been taxed” in the early hours of this morning. With the removal of all the cannabis plants .”

Roots, soil, and empty pots along with sources of light were the only details left on the scene in addition to a modified electricity meter.

From items left at the scene, Officer’s indicated that it appeared as if “weed gardeners” had been squatting at the location.”

The U.K  station was once the base for the Failsworth and Hollinwood Neighbourhood Policing Team closed almost six years ago.

Policemen disseminated some of the growing articles captured to an ever-increasing local hub at Earls Lodge.

The GMP Failsworth & Hollinwood building was vacated by Police six years ago because of cuts to the Police budget. The location has not bee used and was sold at auction a short time later. Officers stated, “it was surreal seeing the old Inspector’s office full of root balls and empty pots”.

Several social media users found the funny side of the situation after the station posted pictures of the marijuana farm onto their Facebook page.

“I know you’re short on funding, but this is a bit much…,” wrote Luke Schofield.

“I think this might be a SPECIAL BRANCH of the force,” added Stephen Johnson.

Referencing the classic British movies, Debbie Kendrick Lyons said, “I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve found this quite comical. A movie would have been a good story for an old black and white Ealing Studios parody film.”


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