Marijuana Businesses Face Rebellion from The Michigan Community


A week after Michigan voters legalized marijuana, most of the communities have made clear their intentions to ban commercial recreational marijuana businesses. Community members of Metro Detroit and those of west Michigan city of Portage have shown signs of opting out of the recreational marijuana business.

The Michigan marijuana law is set to take effect in December. This has raised the question of whether the Michigan community has enough time to decide on whether they will allow or block marijuana businesses. In the Rocky Mountain state, the number of those opposing adult use of marijuana has hit a staggering 75% of the community.

Scott Greenlee, the president of Healthy and Productive Michigan was left in awe of how fast the opposition was moving after such a short period of time.

Pot business restrictions

Local communities can ban marijuana businesses, but they can also allow businesses to operate but with restrictions. These restrictions are not supposed to be unreasonable and impractical. They should also not conflict with the law. Some of the restrictions may include:

  • Businesses are required to obtain both local and state licenses.
  • Restrictions on public signage.
  • Limitations of the hours and locations of these businesses.
  • A fee of $5,000 for administrative costs.

But these limitations cannot ban the transportation of marijuana through the municipality.

Towns mull decision

The community’s attorney, Clerk Amy Salowitz said “On Monday, Pinckney, the Livingston County Village voted to block the commercial adult marijuana market. The community leaders held a conversation that opting out was better as the whole process is still being created and they may opt in later on.

On Monday, Troy’s City Council directed the city administration to write up an order to opt out of the recreational marijuana industry. But the city did not stop there as they also choose to opt out of the medical marijuana business too.


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