New Pot Law Favors Michigan Attorneys


Last Tuesday Michigan voters approved the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana for adults also known as Proposal 1. This news was greatly welcomed by Michigan attorneys who expect a large number of people flooding into their firms for advice on how to enter the business side of this new and lucrative industry.

Local regulations and codes of tax will need to be developed by most of Michigan cities for the marijuana facilities that are destined to soon start popping up. Attorneys expect to be flooded by hundreds if not thousands of calls from potential clients looking to get legal advice for the new industry.

Michigan stands tall as the 10th state that has approved marijuana for recreational use. 33 other states have approved marijuana for medical use, but the federal government still claims marijuana is illegal and prohibits its sale, transportation, and growth. This stirs a dilemma for attorneys who seek to tap into this new industry and provide their legal services.

Barton Morris, a lawyer of the Cannabis Legal Group in Royal Oak said, “This has been the greatest development in years that we have ever seen, although nothing is going to happen until 2020, we are already seeing people coming to us for legal advice on the new industry.”

Morris’ firm has had an influx of calls ever since election day. But he claims the firm was ready months ahead as they had been marketing their services for strategic counsel via Facebook Live.

Growing numbers of specialists

An attorney in Shelby Township, Shyler Engel recalls back in 2011 when there were only a handful of lawyers practicing cannabis law within Michigan state. The marijuana section in Michigan has grown from about 12 lawyers to 700 registered and practicing attorneys.

Engel said that this section of the state bar was currently the fastest growing in the whole Michigan state.


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