One Massachusetts Medical Marijuana License Applicant Has History Tied to Illegal Gaming


US is not far behind from taking measures to legalize marijuana for both recreational and medical use especially after Canada already did it. It may take a while, but many states have midterm elections with this initiative following the right steps and procedure. At the front lines leading the way is Massachusetts.

Marijuana and Massachusetts

In 2012, during Massachusetts general election voters approved medical marijuana. There are now over 55,000 active patients who are just but a drop in the marijuana market if you compared their numbers to those who use recreational marijuana. It is also quite possible that the medical dispensaries will enter into the recreational marijuana business having two retail areas, one for medical marijuana users and the other for recreational users. The only noticeable difference between the products are the prices of tax paid to the government.

In Peabody, Boston a company is seeking the approval of a medical license. Phytotherapy Inc. is applying for a license under Alexander Athanas, who is a young entrepreneur who has a history in real estate. He listed himself as President for Phytotherapy in Massachusetts.

In his applicationhe stated to hold at least $500,000 at the Citizens Bank in New Hampshire, which was the required amount to show that the company would be able to capitalize.

A month later they got a response from the MDPH. The MDPH responded to the Phytotherapy application was not complete as they did not specify the type of banking account that held the $500,000. Phytotherapy later specified their account as being a ‘checking account’.

Athanas being listed as the sole provider of funding was subjected to a background check which MDPH preceded over. It was found out that Athanas father pled guilty in January to charges associated with a large-scale gambling operation that had gone on for decades which complicated the application even further.


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