Vancouver’s Two Licensed Marijuana Shops Open


Mike Babins who is the owner of Evergreen Cannabis Society store was one of the two licensed marijuana shops to open his doors on Saturday in Vancouver. He was not bothered by the issue of all the illegal businesses that he was competing for customers with. He said,” I am sure it was the same when alcohol prohibition was removed. Now, do you walk into a liquor store or go to some guy making something out of his bathtub?”

Babins believes that the faster all the rest transition to legal market the better and those left behind will be dealt with in time. This comes two months after Canada legalized the use of recreational marijuana.

Why Only Two Open?

British Columbia has dragged its feet behind other provinces having referred to 232 applications and licensing only six which include Mr. Babins Evergreen and two City Cannabis shops located in Vancouver.

City Cannabis opened its doors on Saturday too and the other branch in Robson location is destined to open soon. The provincial governments’ website has listed 65 pot retailers who have been licensed in Alberta and 20 more locations in New Brunswick. Ontario, on the other hand, has yet to open any stores until April.

Saturday proved to be a busy day for Mike Babins’ Evergreen Cannabis Society as more than a dozen people lined up to purchase the legalized herb. Babin’s shop started off as a medical dispensary back in 2015 operating with a municipal license. He held on to his old staff as he waited for his license to be approved. Their only source of income was the sale from non-cannabis products.

He said,” my wife and I just watched as our bank account balance got lower and lower by the day.” He continued to state that even on the opening day he did face some expense troubles but claims it was all worth it in the long run.


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